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Hey there, hi there...

Greetings, fellow roleplayers!

My name is Laura, but you can call me L, everyone does. I'm a 30-some year old writer who lives in New Jersey (a land plagued with too few gamers and gaming shops).

I started roleplaying in college, and the first system I played was AD&D (the traditional first edition, and then later, the second edtion, and that strange little 2.5 thing they did... ah, well, you know). Later I played other systems, including GURPS, and small-company-ventures such as our ill-fated experience with FORGE: Out of Chaos (a hearty two thumbs down there).

Currently I'm playing the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG from Eden studios, and finding it to be quite enjoyable. Been looking for a live journal community on that, but haven't found one yet.

We also roleplay online (in fact, my husband and I met that way =) ), on IRC. We even went so far as to develop our own system designed completely for online play (including a high functioning dicebot), and have been using it happily for the past five years.

I have three children (ages 12, 12, and 10) who are just getting to the age where they're becoming interested in roleplaying. We've started to teach them the basic concepts by playing our ol' faithful Heroquest boardgame together- but we've been hampered a bit in this goal by a few factors. Namely, that the kids have a hard time working together as a group, and tend to stomp off when things aren't going right for the characters. Any suggestions from other gaming parents apreciated!

When I discovered this community, I thought it would be interesting to see what experiences other gamers have had/are having , and to share my thoughts on roleplaying with others. I'm hoping that this is pretty much what things are about here, and I haven't wandered into the wrong place. =)
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