Marshal Zombie (skylion) wrote in roleplayers,
Marshal Zombie

I know, I know, this is typical, but I need to rant...

I have been searching for a game, that I could run,in which I will have a great deal of fun, be able to press all my buttons in the right places, and meet a decent need to actually "role"-play. I was going nuts trying to craft the perfect game world with GURPS. But it ended up getting tied up in knots.
My buttons? Yeah. I wanted a world background with a specific style. Horror, but subtle and eerie at the same time. Magic, powerful enough to get the job done, but power that often comes with a price. Monsters, that live and breathe in the world, and are of the world, not just stuck in a dungeon, the guardian of the umpeenth Scoll of Cure Moderate Wounds and a chest full of gold that the characters just happen to come across for no quantifiable reason. Combat, but not for it's own sake, just too get someones respective rocks off.
I know I have read this before, in one form or another on this forum. As I know you have.
But I have one player that wants to play the gun-bunny. Hell he wants to play the tank.
I am getting set up for a Ravenloft campaign. This setting pretty much has everything I want, with a moderate amount of tweeking. I like the investigative end of the monster hunter. I like the reasons for hunting in the darkness. This game gels with me. And it's my first time running across it.
But, oh boy, the trials and tribulations of the gun bunny. Reason is not a formidable weapon in this case. Much like a brick wall, you cannot tell the gun bunny that walking around in full dwarven plate in the middle of a quiet investiagion is going to do anything but attract attention. That it's not fitting with the mode of the game. You try. But you are given the classic excuses. "So. I'll just beat who ever's attention I attract, I have this huge sword and a 25 AC, who can touch me?"
I mean, I have seen this type before. High Wisdom, High Stregth. Destruction Domain, Full Plate, yadda yadda yadda. Never once role-playing like a human with a 17 Wisdom.
Okay, I am ending this rant, because I am getting mean.
Need to learn not to push these things.
Thanks for listening.
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