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Talislanta (4th Edition)

I just recently sat down and began browsing through the big blue Talislanta 4th Edition book. I bought it last year sometime and put it with all of my other RPG stuff and never got around to perusing its pages. It looks amazing and mechanically it shares many aspects of my home-brew system. The world development is stunning.

In the past I was reluctant to run games in the Talislanta milieu because of one of the very things that makes the game so interesting: Its diversity of non-human character races. I thought it would be difficult for the players to keep all of the different races and creatures straight and I would be constantly having to re-describe every being they encountered in great detail for them to get a grasp on who (or what) they were encountering. So I stuck to more common worlds that were more identifiable.

Have any of you played or run a Talislanta campaign? If so, how did you find it? Did the plethora of races cause much confusion?
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