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Hello RPers (OOC)

Hello. I'm an AOL role player that resides in the land of Rhydin. I've grown quite bored with it. No one seems to be doing anything, not even the guilds. I have no one to spar with, my char is shy as I don't know what, therefore she doesn't have many pals. Also I'm not involved in any storylines. As you can see, I can't say I'm on my RP sn due to lack of activity.

Anyway I'm here looking for some interested RPers. I've been doing it since 98 online off and on so I need some work. My descriptions aren't as developed as they should be.

Send Mail If interested.
RP AOL Mail/AOL & AIM SN: shatteredsouikd
MY RP History
My main character's name is Kayorie. Her bio link is on there too.

Hope to hear from any of you guys
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