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I'm making a new character for a new campain my friend Miguel is running (D20 D&D).
The idea I have for the character would require a fairly even mix between Rogue and Fighter. Here's my beef -
I know that you can take the feat Weapon Finesse and use your Dexterity with your weapon instead of strength, but even with this addition does it seem to anyone else that a dex based fighter is a bit unbalanced in comparison to a strength based? Anyone have any further thoughts on this? Possibly an alternate system for subbing dex for strength in relation to combat and such?
Also, despite my stated concern I very much enjoy the roleplaying aspect of gaming over the idea of a game that is just hack and slash. You know, to each his own and all that. Unfortunately I have yet to really and fully grasp the ins and outs of the actual game system. Most things beyond the basics have to be explained to or done for me as far as mechanics go. I've always wondered if possibly there could be some point based system developed to help people develop prestige classes based on some kindof point based system similar to character creation. A standardized system to give players more options while still maintaining balance whithin the game mechanics. I've looked for prestige classes online and have been consistently disappointed by the lack of imagination and consideration for game balance. HAs anyone considered any kindof system like this? Possibly even started developing one? If so I'd be interested in seeing it. I might attempt something like it myself, but for my lack of a basic understanding of the mechanics.

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