Frito (frito_kal) wrote in roleplayers,

Animal Companions, Familiars, mounts, etc.

How do you folks handle the role-playing of animal companions, familiars, etc?

I'm currently running a medium-high-level campaign (10th level to start) where - at the moment, 4 out of my 6 players have a "pet" of some kind.

(Two familiars (one owl, one imp - his owner's player took Improved Familiar as a feat), one mount and one animal companion.)

So far, the players haven't had much of a chance to involve their pets (given the varied statuses of the animals, I'm using pets as a all-purpose term, I am well aware its not accurate for any of them.) in combat - and for that, I am relieved, because I have yet to figure out how to handle it without feeling like I'm juggling chainsaws.

Any suggestions?
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