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Asteroid Power Goat

Reality Check

I just got this response to my last post about our Cleric killing the town with an earthquake.

"so do you play any non-Monty Hall-ed games?

That sort of scenerio only shows up in games with mondo powers, etc.

I hope your having fun, because I don't call that D&D."

I was going to simply post a reply in the thread, but I thought this engaged a larger topic.

Before I get to that, however, I would like to respond, as I know I will be posting more stories like the last one.

Why? Because they're funny. I enjoy sharing amusing anecdotes with others. And based on the responses I've seen, it's been pretty positive. (Or else the negative people have been polite enough to ignore me) Please forgive me for sharing.

Secondly, do not assume that because I share something that's what the entire game is like, or that's the only type of game I'm involved in. I've been gaming for 17 years and have played in many different types of games.

Finally, the implication that "mondo-powers" is a bad thing. I've played this game for just about 2 years now, enough time to justify quite a bit of the power levels. Are our power levels a bit higher than most? Yes. Is it necessary and does it fit this particular story? Definitely. I understand there are many mega-power games out there where the characters are in it primarily for a thrill-kill session ("Okay, you just killed Thor and got his hammer, here comes Odin, roll initiative..."), but please don't assume because someone shows a good deal of power that it's a cheesy "mondo-power" game.

Okay, that's off my chest, now to my real beef...

"I hope your having fun, because I don't call that D&D."

If there is one thing that annoys me more than anything about the general roleplaying community it's the "purists".

"No, no, you can do that, because on page XX of [insert arcane book reference here] it said he died and gave his throne to Umlak son of Helgar of the clan of the Purple Asswarts, and he hates all elves every other Tuesday due to the curse placed on him by..."

People need to understand it's just a game, not the bible. If people want to adapt a good system to their needs, or base their worlds 90% off of a suppliment, they're allowed to!

I'm not saying the person who posted that comment thinks this way. Hell, I don't know them from Umlak son of Helgar of the clan of the Purple Asswarts. But the comment sounds all too familiar. "You don't play things the way I do, so you're wrong/inferior/etc"

Different people need different things from gaming. For some, it's an escape. Others relaxation. Others need it for amature dramatics and Tolkien rip-offs. Hell, some people just need it for something to do when they're stoned! Do these different needs mean one game is better than another? No, different people get what they need from their own game, or else they wouldn't be there.

So yes, I do enjoy my game. I enjoy the high drama, the detailed storyline, the even more detailed backstory, the overwhelming earthshattering plotline, and all the stupid little things my friends and I do while we're enjoying ourselves.

And if you don't like it, that's okay, no one asked you to. Enjoy your game and we'll enjoy ours.

end rant

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