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Werewolf Question

Ok, here's something i've been wondering if it couldn't happen.
(It helps if you're really familliar with Werewolf-The Apocalpyse for this one)
An alliance between the Children of Gaia and the Bringers of Light camp of Shadow Lords for the purpose of... redeeming Black Spiral Dancers.
What the plan would be is thus-
The Bringers of Light would do their thing, which involves infiltrating Spiral Nests and pretending to be one of them, to test their own purity and resolve, and for spying purposes.
The Alliance with the Children of Gaia would come in thus-The Rite of the Silver Forge.
I know the Children don't have specific claim on that Rite, but I figure they'd be the ones most likely to go along with the plan.
The rite of the Silver Forge, if you're unfamilliar with it, goes something like this-The next time the subject of the Rite (The Spiral), steps into the Umbra, he winds up in Erebus, the Silver Forge. Which is an umbral realm dedicated to the cleansing of wyrm tainted werewolves. Including Spirals.
So you could perform the rite, have the tainted werewolf be cleansed, and once cleansed, they could be accepted into whatever tribe would have them (The Children would be a likely choice, or the Bone Gnawers)
The plan, could definitly provide a bolster that Gaia's forces could certainly use.
Any Werewolvers out there who could critique/compliment that plan?
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