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Overheard Conversation:

Player 1: Hey, I got your book for you.

Player 2: Oh hey! The Ratkin one, or the one with the cheerleaders?

Player 1: The Sex and Seduction Manual for Dummies.

Player 2: Even better! I could use learning how to seduce dummies!

Player 1: And in addition, I found and purchased the Ratkin book I bought in a game store in San Diego's historic Old Town, where all the early settlers from the 1700's bought their RPG materials.

Player 2: Boot Hill was a Science Fiction game back then.

Player 1: Yes, Game Towne (see, the 'e' on the end proves it's from the age of pre-electricity), which is probably located on an old Indian burial ground or something, was a frequent stopping-over point for tired pioneers who got off ships by mistake, thinking our bay was San Francisco's.

Player 1: As the age of Franciscan friars was drawing to a close, Spanish entrepreneurs, realizing that the local Indians had not yet learned the complex shape necessary for D-20 dice, and so quickly got their quills and inkwells busy, penning the first North American RPG.

Player 2: If I recall, the native Americans tended to use chits instead of dice. And there's some dispute over the first North American RPG. Although the Puritans favored Table top due to how it distanced you from your character, the locals preferred LARPs.

--- This cracked me up. Thought I'd share.
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