Locke (abyssal_mystic) wrote in roleplayers,


LOL Maybe it's just me but I tend to be plagued with being in alot of D&D games where a character will keep saying dude. So I toy with them a little bit. For example, I'll be playing a nerdy wizard...

ME: Perhaps we should scale the wall
Player: Dude, it's just not possible.
Me: What?
Player: I said it's just not possible.
Me: No, before that....you said a strange word I've never heard before.
Player: What word.
Me: (dramatically) "Dude"
Player: (Player blushes OOC)
ME: Is this one of those random slang words that you picked up through your travels, friend, or is it a new word you've invented yourself...for my name is Donovan and does not sound remotely like "dude".
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