Alex-chan (alexmegami) wrote in roleplayers,

Questioning the obvious?

Ever had a player question one of the fundamental tenets of gaming? Not, you know, "never trust drow". I'm talking about, like... 'never fight the little old unarmed smiling man', or 'torches are always lit'. And then they ask why, and the DM BS's an answer, and then the player expands.

Like this amusing little anecdote, which will probably be quoted incorrectly (it was a while ago), but was damn funny all the same. It has been attributed to my fellow gamer Nick.

D&D game, and we're heading into (what else?) a dungeon/maze thing. We're walking in and our DM describes the terrain, which is mostly stone/dirt tunnels, lined with burning torches.
Nick: Why is that?
DM: Why is what?
Nick: Why is it that whenever a party walks into a dungeon, the torches are still burning perfectly? I mean, shouldn't they have burnt down by now, or is there, like, some guy wandering around fixing torches?
DM: *to get on with it* It's, um, magic. Yes.
Nick: Oh. ... [intones] There was once an exalted sorcerer who cast a spell in all dungeons to have torches burn eternally! His name has been forgotten, but his legacy lives on!!
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