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The recent talk about Gen-Con has gotten me all nostalgic over my last trip to Comic-Con. I thought I'd recent some of memories to you all, in the spirt of nerd-dom. Merry Christmas.

First of my signifcant events happened before I was even admitted into the Con. I had not be able to pre-reg this year due to extenuaiting circumstances(I was plum-broke). But, due to the miracle of birthdays, I had gotten enough money to reg on-site and pick up a few goodies for myself. So, I get there and the line is longer than I even wanted to COMPREHEND. Some quantites just shouldn't be considered by men. So, I trudge over to the line all dejected like. After about 5 minutes of waiting, some security guard comes up to me and looks like she's about to chew my head off. She gets REALLY huffy and says "The line is OVER THERE". Now, she points to an empty stairwell. So, I look back at the 100's of people in front of me and ask "Are you sure?" "Yes, GO!". Now, she doesn't do this to ANYONE else, but, I figure, anywhere has to be better than this. I'll figure I'll get shafted even more but, I don't like talking too long to irritated people with guns. So, I trudge up the stairwell and it's empty. Not a soul in sight. I'm slightly confused but I go through what appears to be a cordons for an EXTREMELY long line. And I make it to a glass door with a banner proclaiming "REGISTRATION". Now, I think I'm good to go.

So, I go in and no-one is in there except volunteers. So, I think something's wrong, so, I go up to a kindly looking geek and ask him "Excuse me, but, is this the registration area". He gets this puzzeled look on his face and says "Yeah, but..we're not open yet. Your not a volunteer?" I shake my head and he says "Well, how'd you get up here?" "Security guard". " Go sign up". So, I bring all my forms to him and he helps me fill them out. So, I'm doing this and these cos-players in what APPEARS to be Tenchi-Myuo dress(I had to restrain myself from throwing a folding chair at them)try to get in. And one of the volunteers GETS UP and stops them. Tells them their not open for a bit. So, I ask my special helper why I didn't get the same treatment. He strokes his psuedo-beard and responds with "Well, I guess the concept of anyone trying to get in 2 hours early just didn't register to the volunteer coordinator and she figured you were legit". I broke the rules so GLARINGLY, no-one thought it could be done, apparently. It went pretty well, aside from hiding when the volunteer mistress decided to ask people for their proof of volunteer-ness. I don't know how I dodged that but she just looked right over me. And that is how I got in before the dork in the Goku costume.

More coming, if I don't get yelled at.
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