Jared A. Sorensen (memento_mori) wrote in roleplayers,
Jared A. Sorensen

12 Days of Gaming at Key20.com

Starting this Friday, December the 13th, and ending on Christmas Eve, Key 20 Publishing will host the 12 Games of Christmas. Stop by www.key20.com every day and grab a new bit of gaming goodness. New schools, mods, hooks, and promos for a variety of games will be released! 12 days, 12 *EXCLUSIVE* gaming tidbits for such games as Little Fears, Cartoon Action Hour, Dust Devils, and MORE! There will even be brand-new FREE games available for download by Origins Award Nominated designer Jason L Blair and indie madman Jared Sorensen from Memento Mori Theatricks.

The 12 Games will be illustrated by some great artists as well! They are all looking for work, so stop by and check them out.

The 12 Games of Christmas will start on December 13th and stay online until January 1st!
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