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New Game of mine own...

Attention arithon, kristoc, and sillymu read no further, or face the lose of...One Million Character points.

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I am cooking a campaign background using the following Gurps recipe; 2 lbs of Bio-Tech, 2 lbs. Psionics, peeled Cthulhupunk, dash of the PBG Hellboy, seasoned with BlackOps to taste.
The players are making up characters using this campaign background, and also making up some "standard" D&D style Gurps fantasy characters.
Long ago the Fungi we all love from Yuggoth; in an experiment to create the perfect, powerful dreamer,started using memetics, genetic tinkering, plauges, and various other stuff that ends in "yer screwed, humanity" to test us. This pushed humanity towards uping the tech levels and evolving; unknowingly crippling an already fragile biosphere. Now, in the future, we leave a Blighted Earth and settle our solar system. Things are going pretty good until war breaks out in Pluto space. The Dreamlands enter into in cause this is where travellers go while twittering away those months in "cold sleep". But, they just might learn a thing or two whilst in the Dreamlands that can help them in the here and now. If only the Emotion Sensative Telepath can stop acting like a Half-Orc Barbarian with a flame thrower, all the while trying to remember something useful from the Black Book of Eibon.
So far this is just the skeleton. I need to add the muscle, sinew, and the bodily humours to make in fly.
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