Professor Coldheart (perich) wrote in roleplayers,
Professor Coldheart

In Case You Didn't Already Know ...

Now would be a great time to buy expensive RPG sourcebooks from Here's why:

  1. offers notable markdowns on 99% of all RPG merchandise (not exactly the fastest mover on the shelves); and
  2. is offering "Super Saver Shipping" on all orders over $25. Shipping is usually all that keeps me from buying every book I want on Amazon. Now that shipping is temporarily free, there's nothing stopping me.

I'm scooping up Wizards' Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for a full 33% off the suggested retail price. Big, heavy books like the Nobilis campaign setting, or any sourcebook in hardback, are priced to move. Don't delay - take advantage of's inability to make a profit! Order now!
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