Just Another Drunken Shite (incompleteangel) wrote in roleplayers,
Just Another Drunken Shite

Reasons why Roleplaying is Better than Sex (even though we all know its not...)

Sorry for the spam. Kill me later, if youd like ;-)

No one laughs if you have really small dice.
Computer geeks can always find people to role-play with.
It's easy to Role-play for 4 hours at a time.
You stop early if you're too tired / haven't reached the end of a chapter.
No one really cares if you don't reach the climax of a story in one session.
Most people don't mind if you watch them role-play.
You usually role-play with at least four other people at once.
Your housemates don't really mind you role-playing on the Kitchen table and not cleaning up afterwards.
Rarely will someone demand that they will be the first to role-play on the new couch.
You can sample all sorts of different role-playing styles at an organised convention.
You can role-play without having to buy the other participants dinner first.
It's easy to get a hold of role-playing expansions.
The other players won't mind too much if you role-play with other groups in between times.
It's easier to tell role-playing anecdotes in public and not get in trouble.
"Would you like to role-play with me?" rarely gets you slapped.
Being out of shape doesn't make you a bad role-player.
new piercings don't inhibit the ability to role-play.
Don't get diseases from borrowing other people's dice.
Caffiene will help you stay up all night while role-playing.
People don't mind if you put their role-playing quotes on the web.
Good acting ability won't upset the other players when they find out about it.
Having a "vorpal weapon" is usually a good thing.
If your dice fall off the table no one gets injured.
There's no such thing as "first role-play syndrome".
You won't go to jail for role-playing with a 17 year old.
No one particularly cares if you haven't showered before role-playing.
Nobody minds if they find out that the person you're pretending to be isn't the same sex that you are.
Most Women don't mind the heavy oral emphasis of role-playing.
Botching isn't likely to cause permanant injury.
Inanimate objects can be used to aid role-playing.
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