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College Newspapers.

Well I'm shocked, I got my Delta Collegiate today like I always do on Thursdays. And look I'm in a picture on the second page. It's a really old picture about 3 years old now. It's talking aabout the current MET game at Delta. Ha half the people in the picture don't even go to that game anymore. Oh well PR for LARP games is always a plus and free PR is even better. I wish though they would of put the times and dates of the game in the article that would of been nice. It's this Saturday their starting up a new changing breeds LARP. Anyone know what Werewolf tribe I should play? I was thinking a Philodox for my auspice. So if anyone is in the Michigan Tri-city area come along to the game. It starts at 5:00pm (actually will get started around 6pm) on Saturday. Oh anyone is free to relate any good or bad PR the've had from their College in the comment section.
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