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Hey guys...

Newbie to the community here, so let me give you a little background on myself before I get into my questions/complaints...

I've been playing D&D (don't ask me what edition, I think 2nd but basically it's "the book the DM hands me") for 2 years and Rifts for 3. I may be getting into a little Vampire: the Masquerade LARPing soon, but I'm not sure yet.

Anyway. This is basically going to be a little rant (or a long one)... please forgive me if this breaks the rules/annoys you/what have you. But, feedback is appreciated.

In my time playing D&D, I've had one amazing DM and one horrible DM. The horrible DM may have an excuse - he started off one of his first games with 7 players plus himself. Personally, I think this is WAY too big, especially since the social situation in our group brings some of these people to loggerheads often. Add into the mix that most of us are playing rare characters (I personally am a dwarven wizard, and we have a half-orc monk), and the game is not only difficult, it is frustrating and unpleasant.

Back to the loggerheads. Now, I realize that the DM is the Be All And End All of ruling in the world, but... he has a very bad habit of siding with one or two of the players (namely, the Awesome DM (who happens to be his best friend) and the rogue (because he loves rogues)). The rest of us always get the shaft. I expect it; he and I are not on the best of terms, as are he and my boyfriend (over the same reason).

He also lords the fact that "he is our DM God" over us, usually signing e-mails notifying us of potential get-togethers this way. He then has the nerve to ask for feedback, but ignores us when we mention that he is a unfair in his rulings.

He also made an NPC that, for starters, no one liked (an arrogant, do-it-my-way bastard). Now, this would be OK if the character didn't constantly steal the limelight.

He throws us up against things that are way beyond our levels, and then wonders why we get frustrated when even our halfling barbarian can't hit something on a natural 20. He moves us places, doesn't explain what we're supposed to do (or even drop a tiny hint to nudge us in the right direction) and then wonders why, after 5 hours of gameplay, we get fed up and torch the place. Or when it takes 2 hours for our rogue to figure out the lever system and the rest of us leave to eat. And then he rants and bitches about how thankless we all are, and how we don't care about the roleplaying, and how it wasn't that hard (7 people try to figure out a lever system, most of us with IQs of over 120, and no one can get it in two hours?) and so on and so forth.

Now, admittedly, some of the players bitch a lot during the game (I shut up because I argue with him enough out of game). But are we completely out in left field here? The only characters that are even remotely developed are the rogue, the monk, and the barbarian. Because those are his favorites, and the rest of us are just schmucks tagging along for the ride.

So, am I whining too much? Should we be pushing for him to scrap the game, or at least pare it down? Is there something I could suggest to him that will make it better? Will anyone sympathize with me? ;)

Sorry, I think this is a really long introductory post/rant. *sigh* I didn't mean to go on like that, but... yes, I'm fishing for sympathy.
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