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Wow. The action resolution system, as described, is amazing. In fact, it's so amazingly amazing I think I'd like very much to steal it.

(Thanks to the folks who pointed this out in my last post on alternate action resolution systems, particularly seanb)

Characters roll a number of dice equal to their primary stat, trying to roll less than or equal to their relevant skill. On an individual die, 1 is always a success and a 6 is always a failure. The number of dice that come up successes are the degree of success. A majority of 1s is a Critical Success, allowing a reroll of all the 1s and adding any successes to the overall total. A majority of 6s is a Fumble, meaning that something bad happens.
Not only that, but ...
When a skill increases past 5, the difference between the skill and five is converted into automatic successes. This results in a sudden shift in the stat/skill balance in skill's favor that grows rapidly as skills increase still further; however, a Fumble still sweeps away all successes, including assumed ones.

So you'll never be rolling more than a handful of dice (few Attributes in Arrowflight can go higher than 7 or 8), but that doesn't limit your potential for success. Reading successes and failures in a given pile of dice is quick and easy. Plus, the "automatic success" option means there's no ceiling on how high a skill can go.

I have no real intentions of publishing a game of my own at any point, but I'd be hard-pressed to find a better core system than this one at the moment to use for it. I can't imagine there are any proprietary issues with dice-rolling task resolution, so I have no qualms about borrowing it wholeheartedly. Thanks, DEEP.
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