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AD&D bloopers?

I couldn't think of anything better to title this, but have any of you had characters that really blundered? I mean, big time blundered. This is regarding the whole clerical bent. In my roommate's AD&D campaign, I'm playing a half elf cleric/mage Ayren. Ayren worships Eilistraee [having grown up in Waterdeep, taken in as an orphan by the local temple there], but this is what happens in an adventuring campaign gone seriously wrong.

The quest started off not too far from Esembra in Shadowdale; the campaign being set within Forgotten Realms. The party--consisting of a Saurial psionist Cloudminder, a half-black dragon rogue Karos, a drow cleric [of Eilistraee] Sorowyn, and Ayren--all meet up wandering around in the outlying area. Each have different reasons to travel to Esembra for the upcoming Shieldmeet. Cloudminer is going as a diplomat for Shieldmeet, Karos is returning home to see his human mother, and Sorowyn and Ayren are going to set up a temple of Eilistraee and help out with the security for said Shieldmeet. Sounds like the usual ingredients for disaster, right?


Karos has a winter wolf pup [named Mutley by the whole group for the rasp laughs the pup gives after freezing someone] that tags along with him, which is the main source of trouble. After discovering Karos' mother moved from Esembra only a couple years ago, he decides he's going to find his mother. Cloudminedr [the diplomat who was not, as you'll see later] wanted to tag along, but Sorowyn and Ayren decided to stay to help out. After all, the majority of the diplomats hadn't arrived yet, and the clerics' tasks were not completed yet.

Karos runs off and lands in trouble. Mutley comes back to get the party, and they all go. This results in a series of the party running to and from Esembra because of a party of really nasty people they run into--an anti-paladin of Garagos, a ninja [who unleashed the fury of a two-foot penis in battle], a vampire, and other members of the motley crew I forget at this point in time [with good reason]. There's also a party of lycanthropes that think Karos [who happens to look like a drow] is the emissary from a near-by hidden drow raiding party that plans to bust up Shieldmeet. He learns of their plans and agrees [at sword point] to lead a couple patrols of lycanthropes to bust down the town walls.

Everyone save Karos had managed to flee the evil nasty party of people and make it back to Esembra. The diplomat and drow cleric were tagged with items that would identify them as friend in the raid. The diplomat was also not very successful when the rest came into town and started mediating over various issues. The drow cleric had a bit of "loot fever" and abandoned her tasks, claiming that she had helped Ayren enough by seeing that she arrived in Esembra alive. So, Ayren set about helping the local temples of Tempus, Helm, and Torm.

Karos fled back to town, got locked up when he tried to tell the guards about it, and was later imprisoned. The party came to the rescue only to find out later that someone had managed to bust Karos out of prison [and kill all the guards], leaving the party to believe Karos was as good as dead. Ayren managed to find out about the raiding parties, so she went and told one of the temples...which involved her staying up and repeating her story as more people gathered around.

After finishing the preparations for the upcoming battle, her cat thwapped her repeatedly in the face--the little kitten hadn't been fed all day. Ayren fed the cat and went around to make sure everyone in the temple was equipped properly--when a voice sounded in her head. Of course, it was Eilistraee bestowing Ayren her avatar.

When the battle starts an hour before dawn, Ayren leaves the temple--catching sight of the three other high priests of the temples being granted avatars--to help fend off the raiding parties. To make a long battle description short--the lycanthropes had catapults tossing bottles of greek fire into town, the drow were coming from the north and west, more lycanthropes were coming in from the east, Karos defeated Tempus and Torm's avatars, and Ayren managed to level the town with a sonic spell [after picking off the invading drow in the north with a chain lightning spell]. The kitten was enlarged as well and ws enjoying pouncing on drow off to the west.

The aftermath involved Ayren spending the last three spells she had to heal the kitten, Saurial, and drow cleric friend. It also involved her and Eilistraee having a talk--and finding out her clerical powers were put on hiatus until she could atone for the levelling of the town. Quick thinking saved the diplomats, but the same couldn't be said about the town.

My character is currently on a quest to regain her goddess' favour. Has anybody had a similar thing happen to them?
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