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When I created my Champions character Gothic, I only took one "flaw" for her--she has a slightly overdeveloped sense of vengeance/revenge, particularly as pertains to the murder of her husband Aaron Boone (go ahead, horror geeks, laugh laugh laugh). The incident that gave her "superpowers" cost Aaron his life, and took out a large number of her friends as well. The character has existed for almost two years, but this little detail has never come into play. She's been back and forth through time twice, in several alternate realities, she's met the man who staged the entire disaster and through it all she's managed to maintain some degree of her composure.

When we finally landed in the reality the characters currently inhabit, a strange stroke of parallel universe luck decreed that instead of Aaron being dead, she died in a car wreck in college, before they married. They were dating, then she vanished. Rachel/Goth is a bit of a sleuth, and went seeking the person who was responsible for the death of either herself or her husband in every other reality she's been to and discovered that he'd done the deed in this one as well. Big Surprise! She hooked up with Aaron (also a superhero) and they've been maintaining an emotionally cautious (but very steamy) bi-coastal relationship (gotta love rpgs!).

Last night, after laying some smack down on a bunch of super powered rabble rousers at Berkley, she got a phone call from Aaron. They coordinated a meeting with each other in Seattle (they both had butts to kick there anyway) and then made smoochie noises at each other on their cel phones. All of a sudden all of Goth's friends are teasing her and giving her shit about this. And she had a most interesting reaction. She got extremely pissed off.

I make short tempered characters as a rule. Pyro's short fuse is somewhat legendary and completely predictable. My werewolf had a temper. My ShadowRun character has a temper. If there is a "Kat's Roleplaying Cliche", that's it. Gothic is the only character I've ever had with a very long, slow burning fuse. I can't think of a time she's ever really completely lost her cool. Last night, she had a snit.

In her head it was unfair and unreasonable for her teammates to challenge her on any aspect of her relationship when they all know damn good and well how important this is to her seeing as how her husband has been DEAD in every other reality they've been to. It was a simple enough thing to start. Over the course of the night though, she slipped some major gears. What started off as a bit of a pout turned into a crisis. First off, there's the fact that she's allowed herself to get attached to the people she works with and she promised herself she wouldn't do that again. Then there's the fact that she's never told this reality's Aaron what happened in the reality she came from. Then there's the fact that in the reality she came from there was a superhero virtually identical to the one Aaron is in this reality, and he'd asked her out for a date just before that world was blown to dust. She's been chewing that one to tatters since she got here, wondering if her husband actually had survived the "superpower debacle" and she'd missed her chance to reunite with him.

About the time her little brain got all gummy with this crap, an emergency communication came through that the problem Aaron had gone to Seattle to solve had become very bad, and he was unconscious, condition unknown, somewhere in the city. Crack. Naturally he's fine, but some part of Goth's mind went bye-bye last night, and I'm not too sure it's going to come back. Now she's developed a strong urge to just start taking out people, starting with the doctor who killed her (in this reality, and everyone else in the others) and working her way through a long list. This could make her hard to work with. I wonder if I should warn everyone or let them work it out for themselves...
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