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Newbie Needs Help

Hi, I joined to ask a question really. I want to do some kind of RPG but don't know what's easy to learn and still fun. My best friend got the AD&D beginners setup 2 years ago and we never figured that out. Before that my friends and I tried to play SOMETHING but it ended up with one kid saying he'd teach us and then showing up with character sheets for ShadowRun Werewolf AND that Vampire:The Masquerade RPG, telling us to mix it all together and DRAWING PICTURES of MONSTERS in HOUSES! WTF?!?!! I don't know what the hell that plan was. It lasted one day. So if anybody knows of any RPG that can be played easily (I'm a slow learner) and with minimal people (I only have 1 friend)please help me out here.
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