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From the Wizards of the Coast web site

"Due to the extraordinary response to our search for a new fantasy setting, Wizards of the Coast will push back the date for initiating the second round of proposals. A committee of experts from WotC will read and review all the submissions made and will make its decision by the end of the first week in August. Those whose submissions have been selected for further development into ten-page proposals will be notified by that time.

To date we've received more than 10,000 submissions in our search. This is both overwhelming and amazing. We're tremendously excited by the enthusiasm of those submitting and by the high quality of many of the submissions. It's testimony to the vitality and creativity of the gaming community. Now we want to take the necessary time to make sure we give all proposals the best consideration possible.

Thank you for your cooperation"

Sigh. Disappointed, but not in the least bit surprised.
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