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I went to a game of Exalted last night and I was somewhat surprised at the potential level of cheese that was presented, however, it was quite a good game, but, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

You play in a world where you basically are God childeren and are trying to keep quiet in a world full of mortals. However, there is no such thing as the Masquerade, and you CAN rule with an iron fist if you like, but, they are plenty of other "Exalted", so, you kinda watch your back. There is The Realm, which is basically the main Empire, and then they are a bunch of outlying towns and cities around it. You can play different Castes of Exalted that each have different powers\motivations, and, within those castes are separate, groups. Such as the Solar-Exalted, who have Twlights, Nights, Zeniths, so on and so forth.

The combat system is exactly the same as every other White Wolf system(Target number in a 10-sided die pool), and, the combat works pretty well, aside from the shortness of turns. However, unless your fighting a fellow Exalted, combat is over pretty darn quickly, since you basically command Demi-God level of powers. Which brings us to character creation!

Basically, this part of the game is a munchkin's dream come true. Stats are normal, however, you get an INSANE amount of abilities, and, can start out with a 5 in afore-mentioned abilities . But, the KICKER is the Charms. Charms are powers that every character starts out, and you get 10 of them, this is the part that makes you go from powerful mortal to Avatar. You can get Charms, like Flow Like Blood, that make you basically dodge ANY attack that comes towards you, other ones that can make you absorb any blow that hits you, and some that can make you do 2 strikes in a turn with NO penalties . And this is all starting out. The costs for these things, in "essence" which is this game's version of Gnosis, Blood, so on. The highest cost is about a 9, and, you start out with, on average, 40 essence points.

My character basically was an unstoppable force. He could dodge anything, hit anything, could absorb about 9 levels of lethal damage with a small amounts of spent essence, and had a weapon that did a MINIMUM 11 Lethal damage. This game is NOT for someone that wants to gradually gain power. You ARE power.

All in all, I'd give the game a 6. Above average for a game system, but the obvious attention paid to power gamers and the poor character-gen system drags it down.

I know I skipped some parts, but, this was meant to be a quick review, so, if you want to add anything, please comment.
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