Demariana (demariana) wrote in roleplayers,

Origins Checklist

I am just starting to get into gaming again, and decided to go to Origins. I have got my con badge, and my rent a car. I am thinking about just winging it on a room. I am only going to be there 2 days. I leave on friday! I have been scanning the website to figure out just what games I would love to play. I am concentrating on table top and roleplaying. If I didnt I would go into ferret shock. *bounce*bounce*bounce*

I think I have been picking games based on funny names, just look at these:
Life Sized Kill Dr Lucky
Killer Bunnies and the Magic Carrot
Hell Rails
and finally, Reach out and Smack Someone. :) Anyone else going to Origins?

I am so excited. Wish I could make it to Gencon as well.

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