Reductio Ad Absurdum (inevitability) wrote in roleplayers,
Reductio Ad Absurdum

Because there was all this talk about negativity

Dear RPG player,

I'm sure you've already started to suspect it, but let me make this absolutely clear. Your favorite RPG sucks and it is nowhere near as deep and well designed as my favorite RPG.

Lets go through it step by step, shall we?

Did a bunch of trained monkeys develop this system? I've never read a more bonehead way to represent the intricate physics of life. My favorite RPG manages to handle the complexities of life while still being simple and quick to use. Yours, on the other hand, is completely unrealistic and cumbersome. There is far too much math involved and when you finally get down to determining whether you succeed or not, the percentages of success are completely inaccurate.

Character Gen
Could this be more slow and boring? All the flow charts aren't helpful at all and the one area that needs a flow chart doesn't have one. And to make it even worse, it is lacking all the cool concepts, classes, and races that my favorite RPG has. All it has are stupid kiddy races and classes instead.

You know, it isn't that hard to create a decent RPG world to interact with. Yet your game totally screwed it all up. I mean, come on! Have you actually read the world descriptions? I thought the giant bubble on Prisoner was stupid, but that isn't anything compared to your favorite game. The ass level of the setting is epic. And the feature characters are pathetic, I've read more convincing characters in an Anne Rice porn novel.

Publishing Quality
Who put this book together? A 6 year old? How could you even manage to read this thing. There are so many glaring errors and absolutely terrible pieces of art I don't even want to begin. Every page is a nut sack slapping excursion into pain. Now take a look at my favorite RPG. Notice all the beautiful art and how well editted it is? See how it doesn't fall apart at the seams when you touch it. What were you thinking when you bought this? It looks more like a childs coloring book than a roleplaying game.

Your favorite game is very poorly constructed and you should be playing my favorite game instead. But you aren't because you're a mouth breathing moron.

Love and Hugs,
-Inevitability >:)

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