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I love D20, me!

Hi all, I've only been on LJ for about two weeks now, and this is my first proper post on the Roleplayers Groups. I've noticed there's a few vocal D20 bashers out there, and whilst I can can understand your poitn of view, I thought it would be a nice change to have a positive D20 post up here.

I've been Rping for about 12 years now, my first "proper" rpg was the red "D&D Basic Set", before we moved onto AD&D 2nd Ed and finally through GURPS, The Storyteller System, MET, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, CoC, Everway, SAGA, Alternity and finally back to D&D in time for 3rd Ed. Most of my regular groups are similarly experienced, or more so.

I have to say I like D&D, and the D20 system in general. The new version of the system is streamlined enough for a newbie to pick up, and it models a "heroic reality" quite nicely, and I've found the use of miniatures in game and the support for grid-based combat to be a welcome one.

Having one system we can rely upon for a series of games is exceptionally useful. In my groups we have everything from Rules Lawyers par exellance to people who find even the most basic set of rules a struggle master. Both these disparate camps really rate the D20 system. I've found it's a versatile one, as in the last year I've seen the system used to model Sci-Fi Conspiracy (ala The X-files), Near Future Intrigue, Dark Low Fantasy, Space Opera and of course, the High Fantasy genre it was first developed for.

Whereas I don't claim it can do everything, it's certainly a powerful and flexible system which serves once again as an excellent starting point for newcomers to the hobby.

Thell that's my tuppence worth, you may commence flaming.. :-)

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