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GM instruction sheet

1. Have your players make AD&D (d20) characters
2. GM an AD&D (d20) game
3. Have your players make GURPS characters
4. GM a GURPS game
5. Have your players make Deadlands characters
6. GM a Deadlands game
7. Have your players make Star Wars (1st edition) characters
8. GM a Star Wars (1st edition) game
9. Have your players make RIFTS characters
10. GM a RIFTS game
11. Have your players make Champions (HERO 5th edition) characters
12. GM a Champions (HERO 5th edition) game
13. Have your players make Legend of the Five Rings characters
14. GM a Legend of the Five Rings game
15. Have your players make Shadowrun characters
16. GM a Shadowrun game
17. Have your players make TORG characters
18. GM a TORG game
19. Have your players make Mage (White Wolf) characters
20. GM a Mage (White Wolf) game
21. Realize d20 sucks in more ways than one

Speaking as someone who has been role-playing for 18 years and has worked in a gaming store, I firmly believe that anyone who has a working knowledge of even a handful of RPGs will come to realize that, while AD&D (d20) is the most popular because it was the first big RPG in the late 70s it still pales in comparison to the better-working game systems that are able to encompass gritty realism, epic fantasy, and/or ease of play
Sometimes AD&D (d20) can be easy to play simply because it's well known, but just because something is well known doesn't mean it's the best. The number one reason why a game is never played is because a gamer is afraid to learn a new system, and I strongly encourage every gamer reading this post to try something new, or just something different, with an open mind and an honest curiousity that maybe there is something better out there, EVEN if what you're trying for the first time is a d20 game.
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