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I got to stop listening To Rollins Band.

If i got powers of a God like the Greek gods you know that would allow me to screw witht he world I would wipe out aids, followed by Iraq. Iraq wouldn't just be wiped out but it would be done be 30ft tall chiwawas. I don't know how to spell that word so screw it i don't care. It would be done by chiwawas because what is more humilitating than being killed by chiwawas. I would make Afirca furtile next cause I'm sick of hearing about all the starving people there. All the people that go around screwing everyone that they meet would all get herpies cause this shit has to stop. I would then make eery drug delare explode. Rapist would would be attacked by giant animated dildos that would rape them then explode. Every nuke in exsistance would be transported to the moon and set off. All the dumb yuppies that only care about the looks of overs and how much money they make would be horrable disfigured and made to look like Fusy Moto, kobold, ettin, or a bugbear, and the really vain ones would be covered on worts and rashes. It's time for bed now good night
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