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Origins Gaming Convention

I am planning on attending Origins for Friday and Sat. I am trying to plan the best use of my 2 days there. I have never been to Origins. I am looking for any ideas or inside tips. Anyone else in this community going? I think this will be the biggest con I have ever been to. I know I am going to hit one of the newcomers panels. I am thinking about a Vampire LARP for friday night. Then there is Dragonstorm. So many games to choose from. The Buffy RPGs are all full though. *pouts*

My biggest problem is going to be money. I can not afford the 100+ for a room. I have called around to see about other hotels within a 10 mile radius. I have found some that are under $50 which would be nice. That is of course if I decide to Sleep. If I am LARPing till 4am, what would be the point? *grins*

So others that have been, What is it like? Easy to find room and games? Should I register for the games early? Thanks for any info.

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