Alexander Williams (zamiel) wrote in roleplayers,
Alexander Williams

The Prosaic World of Darkness

Do you play any of the White Wolf World of Darkness RPGs and feel the burning need to pierce beyond the limits of the cosmology as written?

Have you ever wanted to stride the Umbra, and beyond?

Are you tired of the same old conspiracies, the tired old cliches, and want not only a chance to use new ones, but be a primary mover and shaker behind them?

Have you recently picked up Nobilis and wished you had another, more detailed description of a Prosaic World to work with?

More cults?

More supernatural beasties?

More secrets?

Have I got the deal for you!

In a bizarre, but intense fit of inspiration tonight, I hybridized the cosmologies of the World of Darkness and Nobilis, resulting in a very interesting setting that, disturbingly, explains much that lies behind the facade of secrets and lies in the World of Darkness while simultaneously opening up new roles for exploration. Do you want to actually play Caine himself, walking the world seeking the truth about himself and his ties to humanity? How about the embodied power of one of the Spheres of Magery? How about the direct representative of a diminished Sol Invictus, empowered to hunt the forces that prey on humanity in the night until they're ended? How about all of these?

Nobilis facilitates all of this. It is a game designed to capture the play of minor gods loose in the world, creatures of might and glory, darkness unimaginable, and everything in between. Its ideal for setting up gameplay of this level, and more -- and you won't regret buying this book for itself, even if you have no immediate plans to use it. As folks who already own Nobilis can tell you, its quite possibly the most beautiful and content-packed text on the market today.

In any case, you can pull the Prosaic World of Darkness from .

Here's hoping you enjoy it.
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