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Question about Caitiff's

For those familiar with Vampire the Masquerade...
I have a little problem concerning Caitiffs, and how they got to be Caitiffs
If a Vampire is Caitiff simply because of his high generation, it's pretty simple.
But, if a Caitiff is a Caitiff because he doesn't know his Heritage, and thus has no sense of lineage, what happens if this Caitiff get to nkow his Sire?
Does he suddenly switch to a clan-vampire? And if yes, how would you explain the sudden change (clan weakness, clan disciplines), depending on whether the formerly Caitiff had by acident the same disciplines, or some others.
Or does he remain Caitiff, and if so, how would you explain that he never got the Clan disciplines and Clan weakness? Just because he didn't know of them? And if he didn't have the Clan Disciplines, would he be able to develop them after he realized his heritage?

So many questions... please give me your opinions.
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