Erin (cearalaith) wrote in roleplayers,

Coming soon!

Wow. After reading xiombarg's last post, I realised that there was another need not being met... and I was inspired. I bring you:


As of right this instant (10pm PDT) it's still under construction, but it will be a place to get support specifically for running or playing in your LARP game. Sure, you can still post here in roleplayers -- and I recommend you do, because it's a fantastic community and I love it. But if you're not in the mood to listen to non-LARPers tell you that the problem with your LARP is that it's a LARP, know that you'll find 100% support here.

If you're a LARPer who's ever held your tongue because you didn't want to listen to people bash your game again, come to larp_support.

vlarps_suck for your bitching and moaning needs. larp_support for actual help, sympathy, advice and celebration.

Game on!

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