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I don't post often, but I need some help if ya can.
Am I wrong, or am I right?

Any LARP game works best and basically only when the ST acts as the dictator with slight democratic influences from the players.

Right? 'Cause our 5 year LARP V:tM game has been falling apart for the past year, and one of our current STs is blaming the players.

gothikwish (gothikwish) wrote,
@ 2002-06-05 23:31:00
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??What the fuck does it take??

? I'm getting severely sick of all this shit! I pour my life and time into providing an interesting and fun game yet it seems to still not be enough of a sacrifice. Unlike most of the blind fucks at that damn game I know what is really about to happen. The game is now in its final downward spiral. It wont be very long before the game is a squabbling social event for teenies and wannabe role players. I have one bit of advice for these stupid people. Many of you claim that tabletop is boring and stupid. Well I am sorry to inform you but until you experience a REAL tabletop game you don't know jack shit about role-playing. Table top was the birth of it all for modern gaming. And if this post pisses you off then GOOD. I'm sick of the bullshit. Yet, sadly enough many of you think game isn't possible with one ST. Well I am sorry to inform you of this but you wonderfully system of STs has failed. Always has and always will. One ST tries to pull it all together and keep order. Another ST wants to make it his way or the highway. Yet another ST never can seem to be much help with anything other than his NPC. I know, some of you are saying "You've only played VTM for a year and you think you know better?" YES I DO!!! Unlike others, I read the books. I invest time and money into having what I need to run a game and know what I need to know. I consult with some of the greatest tabletop and larp players/GM/ST's in this area on what it is to be a good ST. It's called learning the mistakes of the past and not repeating them. And I seem to be the only fucking one there that follows this WISE example. So I have this left to say. Good luck! I'm surprised I even bothered to stick with it this long but it seems that my time and effort has been wasted.

Akasha aka GothikWish

PS: BTW I gave ALL of you a chance to be apart of something BIG but I was waiting for ya'll to wake up and come together to an actual game! Since ya'll were unable to do this I guess you'll hear about it on the grapevine


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This is Doug.
2002-06-05 23:12 (link)
<><><><><>Legal Disclaimer<><><><><><><><><>
The following is expressedly the belief of Doug Laflin, and in no way shape or form represents the ideas, beliefs, or thoughts of Leannie Rae Hedrick.
Alright, now this rant was brought to my attention by a friend of mine, because it was figured that I'd get a laugh out of it. You've used the argument that me and Will gave for not showing up like 5-6 months ago! You wanna complain about game becoming a social gathering for teenie boppers, well, it was that way a while back. It had already gotten to that point. And I'm gonna be very frank here. I'm not gonna hold anything back. You need to honestly think to yourself about the caliber of the players, as well as the caliber of the storyteller. It's just sad when I came by one time to see you and James fighting in character with other people around. You wanna talk about reading the books and knowing what you should do? Neither one of you did. You both screwed the rules in your favor and I called both of you on it at least twice. Then I had to explain how the rounds system worked, and basically take over storytelling from you both because you two were so worried about getting your scene right with your npcs that you were fucking the rules over. Beyond that, you wanna talk about it being a social scene? Your girlfriend is one of the worst. When I did stop by, I hardly ever saw her in character. She was always taking Kappy and Tina out of character to talk about some inane thing or another. And when she was, it was never really roleplaying. In fact, I seem to remember you bringing in what was it? A 5th gen? 4th gen? To obfuscate her and half the game from the other NPC run by James? You wanna talk about bullshit? That's bullshit. You wanna rant and whine and complain about how things are going? Take a good hard look at yourself. Think about the night where I got so fed up with yall fucking up I had to take over from both storytellers. Think about the 5th gen. Think about changing the entire book and just fucking with the whole system because you could. Think of how you alienated all the old players by doing so. You wanna talk about consulting all the Great Storytellers and Dungeonmasters and whatnot in the area? Well, you may have heard it, but you weren't really listening. Obviously. Because had you listened to me and Will in the first place, then you'd have realized that what you're bitching about has been happening forever. It's been happening ever since James Jackson had to quit. It's been happening ever since JP threatened to take all the players away from Jackson because Jackson wouldn't let him play a Mage. Let me give you a little history lesson. When we had one storyteller, it worked well. Jackson was probably the best storyteller we've had. After he left, the decision was made to have more than one storyteller because nobody wanted to just trust one guy. Will was given the nod, and Jackson nominated me but they voted in JP. Later, they decided to let me in too. Me and will together would have been fine, because we think just about alike, but when you throw JP in, it wasn't working. That's when people stopped caring, when the game lost it's cohesiveness. It used to be a group of friends getting together to play a game, and I'm not blaming JP totally for this, but he was a big part of it. IT became political. It became give me what I want or I'll take your players away. Then shit started to hit the fan. I don't wanna hear you bitch, because I've told you all of this before. I've warned you, and I've told you. You just didn't listen. You want to bitch about everyone and everything, without taking any blame yourself. Think real hard before you blame everyone else next time, because from where I'm sitting, you're not blameless. Please respond, and maybe we can have a dialog so I can teach you a few things.
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My two cents.
2002-06-06 08:59 (link)
Okay, you may be a friend of mine.. but I'm still very blunt when it comes to shit like this.

For one, table top does suck, and that is MY opinion. Don't try to opress my opinion by saying "Many of you claim that tabletop is boring and stupid. Well I am sorry to inform you but until you experience a REAL tabletop game you don't know jack shit about role-playing." For your information, I have experienced a real table top game. Why do you think I had made the comment about action figures or whatever in game? I'm sorry that I don't like my level 4 elf, with 9 charisma to be attacked by a PLASTIC FIGURE. It's just not my cup of joe. Opressing someone's opinion makes you seem like a power hungry person. Always wanting your opinions to be fact. Get over it, some people just don't like table top.

As for game it self. After James Jackson left, it turned to shit. When Will was STing, it wasn't so bad. Then down the line, you throw in JP, James, and yourself. If I didn't want to hurt people's feelings, I would have told every one what I thought about y'all changing the book in the first place. I don't think you realized how much that threw me off. I knew every thing by the book, and yes I have read the book. I still don't know how you wanted me to RP a Setite for you goddamned book. You never fucking told me. So I went by what I knew.

James and you are always on a power trip. Did you know, that you're not supposed to RP anyway? You're a ST, you're not supposed to have a character. It's never enforced. Hell, I can't even remember if Jackson RPed while he was ST. I remember David playing, though.

But oh well, if you want.. go play your damned table top game. I'm not going to play it.

Anyway, that's enough ranting for me. Bye. :)
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2002-06-06 09:06 (link)
Oh, yeah. I forgot to include. It did work with one story teller. Maybe you should have came to game earlier? The reason David left = work and shit. The reason Jackson left = didn't have enough time. Now, it didn't work? Right.
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2002-06-06 09:23 (link)
Jackson left because he got a woman and needed more work to support them, so his job makes him work Saturday nights now.
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This is Leannie now.
2002-06-06 09:17 (link)
I came in right after the angel saga, after they played the last successful fair game and right after the Sabbat was first introduced to the game. James Jackson and David were STs then. They were awesome. They did influences in the beginning of game, and then the STs would split off and control the sects and such. James went across the street with the Sabbat, and David chilled with the Cam in the regular side of the park. When the sects ran into each other, or when one or more members crossed that street, they were destined to battle, and they knew that they were in danger. They didn't try to obfuscate, they didn't pull any bull shit so that they could get away with anything. The STs were in control, and knew their books like the back of their eyelids. They knew wtf they were talking about.

They did not have to recreate an already working game so that they could remember and fuck up the rules.

Once the older players got jobs and such, they couldn't play anymore at our Summerville game, because most of them live in N. Charleston. If we still had strong STs, I believe we could have pulled some awesome new players out of the cracks of Summerville. But, we didn't have the STs for the job, or we didn't have them long enough to complete the job, so the little "Teeny boppers" or whatever you called us came out to socialize, because they had been hearing from the entire ancient (I'm mainly talking about the class of 2000) freak population at Summerville high how everyone hung out in the park on Saturdays, and finally the kids were old enough to go out without their parents. Doug has rambled the truth. William and Doug would have been great, like David and James Jackson, but JP's presence canceled them out. Game works only as a dictatorship with slight democratic influences. I promise you.
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Re: This is Leannie now.
2002-06-06 09:20 (link)
FUCK I meant to say them, not us.

Nobody better ever call me a teeny bopper.
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::Cues bad porn music::
2002-06-06 09:44 (link)
Patrick.. i have stayed neutral this whole time and still will but the comment " is a squabbling social event for teenies and wannabe role players..." kinda pushes my buttons. I am hoping you dont mean me. I really dont know anyone at game who are "teenies" i am the youngest atgame so you need to clear that up for me. Maybe i am stupid for pointing it out but you should clarify for the young one.

Off that topic..

I really enjoy tabletop. That is why i tried out the tabletop version of V:tM. I found out taht it is actually fun. Kappy not to be mean or any thing but tabletop isnt allabout little elf figures with panache 4. I know you have your own opinion and i respect that but maybe this version of rolepalying is different. the two table top games i play are hella fun and they are nothing like what you said tabletop was. i am not ordering you to but you should at least try kevins or patricks games but if you dont then thats fine. oh and i am saying this to everyone but its ok if you dont join or try it out. to you i may be a dumb child and i have no idea what i amtalking about. well if you think that then you are wrong. go ahead and say shit about me for saying what i said and defending patrick on the tabletop topic.. i dont give a damnif you do. :-D love to all tina
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