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Do you enjoy the scary hobby known as roleplaying? Do you also enjoy Resident Evil, or zombie horror movies? If so, consider joining [the last escape]. [the last escape] is an online rpg I'm trying to set up using a modified white wolf-esque system. The story is basically this: a normal suburb of Chicago has been overrun by the undead; the National Guard is preventing anyone from escaping. The PCs are survivors holed up with little equipment, and even less hope for survival. Ideally I'd like to get 4-6 people to join.

If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

"How It All Began

It's the year 2000. Russet Corners, Illinois (pop. around 20,000), is a small city in the suburbs of Chicago. It's the kind of place where its main industry is providing people someplace to live while they work in the city, as well as providing a place for their children to be educated. In other words, except for its size, it's a fairly typical suburb. The crime rate was a little high, but that was mostly penny-ante burglary and teenagers busted for marijuana possession.
Of course, these days, Russet Corners is more or less unique. It's been destroyed by an army of the walking dead.
On September 16th, people started disappearing. Most of them lived on the outskirts of town, and many of them were loners or elderly people without families. The Russet Corners police department kept things quiet, mostly because they didn't want anyone asking any questions; most of the crime scenes had signs of an intense struggle, and frequently contained physical evidence that was inconclusive or seemed to contradict itself.
Unfortunately, despite the police's best efforts, on September 18th, a family of four disappeared, and one of their neighbors was the first on the scene. Their house looked like a slaughterhouse floor, particularly the kitchen, and when the neighbor came to, the first thing she did was to shriek bloody murder and tell everyone she could reach what she'd seen. The police responded to all questions as neutrally as they could, but soon, the news of the other disappearances got out, and before they knew it, the population of Russet Corners was in a panic.
People shut themselves up in their homes. School attendance plummeted, people started buying weapons en masse, and everyone started getting very paranoid. By September 21st, Russet Corners was a ghost town morning, noon, and night.
On September 23rd, a call came in to the police department, reporting a riot in the town square. The police responded, but instead of a wild melee, they found the "rioters" calmly kneeling over several people lying in the street. It was only when the police got close that they saw the gnawed bones of the freshly dead, and the rot that had begun to overtake the "rioters'" skin, even then. Worse, when they got close enough to look at the zombies' skin, that meant the police were close enough to be attacked, swarmed, and killed.
Only one officer survived that first encounter with the zombies, and he returned to the police department a raving lunatic. His attempts to tell the other cops what had happened were only really successful after he died from his wounds; five minutes later, he got up and tried to tear out a secretary's throat with his teeth.
After that wake-up call, the police mobilized in full force. Heavily armed officers in riot gear scoured the streets, looking for any sign of the zombies. Once again, though, luck was against them. Even the short time it'd taken them to get out into the streets had given the zombies time to break into more houses, kill more civilians, and increase their numbers all the more -- and there were a lot of people in Russet Corners.
The next three days were bloody and frightening. The increasingly desperate police started deputizing civilians and hauling people out of their homes, evacuating entire city blocks in an attempt to isolate the zombies. The zombies, unfortunately, had already managed to get everywhere in town, and keeping large numbers of people in one place was like a signal flare to them. The hospital was overrun first, as zombies boiled up from the morgue. The undead proceeded to lay seige to the high school, which was being used as a makeshift barracks for the refugees. The police, despite their best efforts, were outnumbered, undermanned, and just as frightened as everyone else.
The worst news was yet to come. Pets began to turn on their owners, with fatal results. Pigeons and crows descended on people in the streets, tearing away ears and plucking out eyes. Stray cats became silent killers, seemingly overnight. People began to hear rumors of other creatures as well, stranger things with claws and lizardlike teeth, that lurked in the sewers and dark alleyways.
Faced with this new threat, human resistance first faltered, and then collapsed altogether.
Somewhere along the line, the police tried to call in reinforcements from the next town over. Instead, a detachment of the National Guard showed up, which blockaded the town on September 25th. Apparently, they've come equipped with orders to shoot anyone they see. Several survivors have already been killed when they attempted to approach the barricades. As far as anyone knows, the National Guard are under the impression that some kind of deadly disease has broken out in Russet Corners, and that they're enforcing a total quarantine; no one can leave town, and they've cut off all telephone lines. Some people hold out hope that there'll be a team from the CDC arriving to investigate, while more cynical survivors believe that the National Guard is simply waiting for everyone to die.
It is now September 26th, Tuesday. The police, despite their best efforts, are almost all dead. Zombies roam the streets and homes of the city, and other, more dangerous, creatures are waiting in the wings. The few survivors are either desperate or insane. Escape seems impossible.
The PCs are a small band of survivors, who have gotten through the last few days by luck, skill, or determination. Now, they have to find a way to live through the nightmare that Russet Corners has become. Despite the monsters and the blockade, there must be another way out of town, or somewhere where they can hide until the monsters are dealt with.
Now, all they have to do is find it."
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