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Seattle LARP

My LARP is getting off the ground! You know the one I have been talking about for months and months? Well, it's actually starting to come together. There is only one piece of the puzzle left.

I need Clan Ventrue.

What I need, to start, is a reliable and good roleplayer to play the Ventrue Primogen and then 2 of his or her childer. I'm accepting applications right now.

As it stands, Clan Tremere is being headed by kespernorth and Clan Brujah is being headed by taijimao. Both have some childer they are bringing in with them, though there is room for growth in both clans as well as in the currently non-existant Clan Ventrue. So if you want to play, and want to play Tremere or Brujah, make sure you contact them.

These will be the primary clans in the city, the High Clans if you will. As the game progresses other clans, such as the Nosferatu, might be allowed in depending on roleplay and plot. However, the power in the city will belong to these three clans so it is advantageous, if you want to play, to jump in now and join in the structure while it is still being built.

As I mentioned, I am accepting apps right now for Clan Ventrue. What I would prefer would be a charismatic and political player who will be able to lead the clan against their rivals.

Once the game gets underway, and all the vampires have been selected, the only new players that will be allowed to join will start out as Ghouls. The right to embrace will have to be gained as a favor by the sire from the Prince. So a good RPer might end up a ghoul relatively quickly if s/he behaves well and has a good sire. A poor RPer with a less than effective sire might well stay a ghoul for life. I must stress again, if you want to play a vampire in this game, now is the only time for your vampire app to be considered. After the game starts ghouls are your only options.

Neat aspects of the game:
- A city run as true to the 3rd ed culture and theme as possible.
- Unless something goes horribly wrong, you will not see combat.
- Roleplay will be favored heavily over rock-paper-scissors.
- Politicking is the main aim of the game.
- A clan based game where clans are families and are politically warring against eachother.
- Game will be run at parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and other actual locations rather than in parking garages and classrooms.
- A theme of high society and backstabbing (Dangerous Liasons) mixed with fearing the beast that lies within (Interview with the Vampire).
- A total lack of crossovers!
- No one will be over 10th Gen in the game so you wont have to worry about characters like the Cam's "Andrew Taylor".
- A bunch of other stuff I haven't listed here but will be happy to tell you about if you ask me. :)

Some info can be found at .

Submit your apps!

[Additional note: An app will include a character concept, character goals, what sort of major characters you've played in the past, and how reliably you can show up to game. Please keep the clan stereotypes in mind. I'd rather not see a hotheaded ventrue. It would be annoying.]
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