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This week on Gamer's Tavern...

This week on Gamer's Tavern, the internet's premiere streaming radio talk show about roleplaying games and miniature wargames, the night's primary topic will be details in RPGs. How in-depth are you when providing descriptions? Do you spend minutes describing the exact look and mannerisms of your character, or is a single sentence enough for you? The second topic will be character backgrounds. Are you a dark vampire with a mysterious past known only to a few, or do you prefer to map out you characters' lives from childhood to the present? How do you as a gamemaster or storyteller weave a character's background into the ongoing plot of the game? These topics, plus weekly gaming news, trivia contests, and more will be broadcast live on Gamer's Tavern this week!

To listen to Gamer's Tavern, all you need is a streaming audio player (such as Winamp or RealPlayer) that can be tuned to a remote playlist. Once you've installed such a player, go to the Gamer's Tavern website and click on the "Listen Now" button, or add a playlist by URL at to connect to the show's audio stream. Join other listeners in an IRC chat channel to talk about the show, and meet new members of the community; the channel can be found by going to the GT website, or by connecting to channel #radioevolution on server Call in to the show via their toll-free number (1-888-413-0704) and remember that first time callers receive a FREE Gamer's Tavern T-Shirt. The show is broadcast every Monday night from 9-11 PM EST/6-8 PM PST.

Whether you're a warrior or a werewolf, jester or Jedi, come listen to Gamer's Tavern! We've had a lot of livejournal users join us on the show, and it's been great!
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