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A game in need of players....

The Eternal Game plays on... on the Chessboard, the pieces are moved about by the hands of the Four Rules, Light and Darkness, Measure and Chance, interlocked and opposed in an endless dance too intricate for lesser minds to comprehend. There are infinite worlds that reflect the TrueLand, Om, in infinite different ways... and the Game crosses all of these in its complex moves.

There are many who move in the paths of the Eternal Game; mortals, who rule their empires and war against one another never seeing the puppet strings which lead to the hands of the Rules, the Fey Folk, natives of Om who hidden amongst the mortals or in the open play their role as they know it best, and the high pieces of the Game, the True Blood of the Rules and their Blood descendants. And there are wildcards thrown onto the Chessboard as well, the deadly Sathid of Chaos and the feral Stray of the northlands, as well as mortals who rebel against their manipulation in vain.

Ah, but to all save the learned of scholars and those beyond the limitations of man, the Game is but a myth and legend if even that... their concern is for their own lives. The greatest metropolis on the face of Om is the Five Cities, known as the Pentapolis, and in this place the mortals rule and hold to their prejudice and fear of all things supernatural.. even while those same entities they hate so much hide amongst their ranks. From the lofty seat of the Cardinal to the chaos of the Senate, from the bustling marketplaces of the Cities to the scheming of the Corporation of Thieves, there is one constant - those who hold power over others, rule, and power is an ever-shifting resource when one knows not who to trust..

TrueLand is a game of high fantasy and intrigue, based in an original world of our own devising. Though the world itself is far-reaching, the main setting of role-play is the mortal nation of the Pentapolis, its culture based loosely on Greco-roman ways though with a variety of twists elaborated upon in the news files and on the web page. The focus is on player-driven politics and intrigue in both the upper and lower classes, although plots of all sorts are run occasionally by the staff either in response to player action or to off-stage happenings - nothing is pre-determined, and with enough creativity and effort any character can have an effect on the IC world. There are powerslots available for application immediately, and feature characters who can be applied for by those who have played over a month - though it should be noted that most of the features are generally considered to be background characters, for pushing plots forwards and keeping things interesting rather than getting involved in day-to-day RP. The code-base is MOO, but it has been extensively re-tooled to allow those more familiar with MUSH to use the same commands they know best.

The web page, the best source of game information is at:
The game itself is to be found at: 6666
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