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Rifts Game!

Looking for players here. It's an online campaign, I've got all the information needed to hand out.

For those who aren't really sure, Rifts is a D20 system roleplay. The game will be taking place on AIM (or AOL) where it is possible to roll dice in the chat rooms. I'm looking to run the game either Friday or Saturday nights, depending on availability of the players (prefer the weekend so we don't run into work/school problems)

There's basically a little something for everyone in the game, there are the Men of Arms; the soldiers, the knights, the guys with the really big guns and really cool armor. There are the Psionics, the people with amazing mental abilities; able to read people's thoughts, move things with their minds, heal and protect with the mind and project their conscious mind leave their physical body. There are the Magic users; the people who use the mystic energies of the world to enchant, to defend, to attack, to distract, to heal and protect themselves and others, and sometimes just to amuse. And of course, there are dragons, dragons start off with some psionic powers and have the abilitiy to learn magic at uper levels. The Dragons are the largest, most damage resistant characters to play.

I'm ready to have people start rolling up characters and would like to start setting up times to do this. Anyone insterested in joinging this game, or if you've got some questions for me, feel free to email me at Please put RIFTS somewhere in the subject so I know what it's in regards to. Serious players only please,
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