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Online RPG

Okay. Well, I got a chance to look over some CP2020 books recently and... er, I wasn't overly impressed. The style and toys were cool... but there wasn't much else. So despite the number of people who said they were interested in playing CP, I don't plan on running it any time soon.

Those of you who are still interested in playing in a game online can bop on over to www.fadingsuns.com and have a look around there. Yep. I'm gonna do a Fading Suns game at long last.

Again, I still don't know how or where I'm doing it. I don't know what sort of game I intend to run. I don't even know how much of the actual system I intend to use. I figure I'll know a lot more of that once I have a few people who are definitely interested in playing. I do know it's going to be some time before the game is ready to go, however. But... I just thought I'd keep y'all updated.

Interested parties can either respond to this post or write to blackmanxy@hotmail.com. Oh, and once I have all my players, I'll stop spamming the RP community with this stuff. :)

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