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Where is this going...?

Ok I play in this GURPS game every Thursday night. The GM has been running this same game since early `95. Now with all the little supplements out there for this system this is whats been in this game; Vampires, Werewolves, Werebears, Mokole', Mages, Hunters of every kind, people with psionic powers of everykind, solos, cops, corps, aliens, cthulu creatures, and every other thing from other dimentions. All of this in one city in the year 2040.

This game was great and the thing to play when I started about a month after it all was started. This was my first time playing in anything with the World of Darkness in it. I was hooked and played for nearly 2 years straight.

Now here we are about 7 years after its all started and where do we find ourselves? Nowhere!! Isn't the point of playing a RPG is that there is at some point a place where its to end? With this game it goes from handling one group of evil to about 12 others and keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you ever loose you character and bring another one in, you start out as a newbie and have to fight your way to stay alive in an already 7 year campaign.

The GM will not change, start new, or do anything differently from what he's been doing. At times it seems that the NPCs are running the game and they all act like the GM. He is a guy who has this almost conspiricy theory type mind, is about the only way I can put it. A small example of how a normal scene goes down:

GM: Hey I have this kid who needs a job, I'll send her over.
Player: Nah, thats alright. I think I have everything under control.
GM:She's a great kid, a little hyper sometimes but she'll do whatever you need.
Player: Thats ok.. thanks anyh...
GM: Great! I'll bring her by. You'll love her!
Player: I said no thanks. I don't need any he..
GM: I'll be right back. I promise she's great! (NPC Exits)
Player: NO!! Wait!! DAMNIT!!

This happens quite alot. Its almost like a we should kill these morons so that we can keep them out of our hair. You can scream and yell to tell this NPC(GM) that you don't want certain things going down and the GM will do it anyway!!

Has anyone been in a similar situation or know of something that a player could do to try to make these "pills" easier to swallow?? I already drink now during the game so I can at least have a little fun. And I have added a couple of points here and there on new characters to bring in after my last character (kinfolk) got killed due to getting punked out by a Mokole.
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