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Greetings fellow roleplayers and just people whict are crusing by.
i just joined ye' community... heh... its cool a little bit of facts that are not in my user info:

I have been playing tabletop for 6 years now; D&D, AD&D, D&D third, GURPS, vampier mask. kinders of the east, star wars, call of cthulhu and a bunch of others.

BUT my real passion is LARP. I love it.. been playing for 5 years now the last 2 i have been a "master" whit a bunch of others in a roleplaying society; ARDA. the hp is currently in danish. logic when we are a danish group ^___^
we have prox. 100 - 200 players each time not much but we are only 2 years ô.Ô
I also play live furtur and TWOD - damn thats funny... malkavians rulz...

well that a little thing from now.
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