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Principia Hackmatica

So I just (at long last) got my copy of HackMaster...

Any game book that looks like an encyclopedia immediately worries me (This is why my friend plays RIFTS and I don't). The character creation rules use all the worst elements of D&D and some arcane fusion of Point-Based/Die-Rolling that makes GURPS look like a cakewalk. The writing is pompous and self-inflated, even for a parody. And to top it all off, the Character Creation system has distressed my wife greatly, inhibiting my chances to play.

I think I could get to like this....

Because, going for it is the fact that it is what very few other games are: shamelessly honest. While there are many who play D&D for the escapism or Vampire for the overwrought melodrama, the truth is the majority of gamers come to the table for military reasons: kill people and break things. This is why Justin Achilli decries Merits and Flaws every chance he gets, but they still find their way into every V:tM supplement on the shelves. This is why the Epic-Level Handbook is coming out with abilities to render your enemies into so much goo. While one could sit and despair over a game that so ruthlessly points out the secret inner-hack'n'slasher, whining is not a gamer's MO (Unless you play Mage...just kidding). I'm looking at HM as a possibility to funnel my players' incessant bloodlust into a specific channel. I've got Little Keep on the Borderlands now and I'm soon to kick this off and see what happens. Maybe I'll be wrong and my players will simply devolve into eternal Munchkins wishing for a Hackmaster +12 to use in Castle Falkenstein. But maybe...just maybe...we'll all have a good time and get some of those "Kill it, search it, what was it?" tendencies out and leave them there.

Well, I can always hope can't I?

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