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another introduction

I thought, as we've had a couple of introductions recently, I'd say hello too. Now that I've been blathering my unwanted opinions in various posts. =)

I live in the UK, and I've been gaming since I was about 9. The Fighting Fantasy gamebooks were my introduction. Ah, Port Blacksand, how we miss you...

ShadowRun was my first big introduction to RPGs, followed by the World of Darkness. So I haven't played much D&D at all. I do own a lot of D&D books, mind you, as I inherited a gaming society's cast-offs. And I have lots of other books weighing down my shelves, from Continuum to Baron Munchausen to Unknown Armies. I used to GM a lot, and I've only played one longish campaign; Kult. I ran a 2-year game of Mage, and a 9-month game of Aberrant/Over the Edge recently.

Last year, I became a little dissatisfied with gaming, but eventually bumped into The Forge which has made a world of a difference. Now I know exactly why I'm dissatisfied with gaming. ;)

So these days, I'm designing games. I have two ongoing projects. One is a TransFormers RPG, which models the episodic nature of the tv show, while adding a little grittiness from the comics. And the other is TROUBLEshooters which in one way or another has been a pet project since I started gaming. It's a robot troubleshooter game, set in a satirical universe which gives players lots of narrative control to ensure optimum wackiness.

Oy, always with the robots...

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