June 21st, 2013

When Metagaming Pays Off

So, here's a quick topic that might inject a little life into the community for a bit.  As a player, have you ever had a moment when what you knew in real life was reasonably what your character would also know, much to your delight and the GM's chagrin?  How about as a GM- has a player ever argued that metagame information really wasn't, and they should be able to use it?  Did you allow it, or not, and why?

Here's a personal example: the last campaign I played in (3.5 Modern/Urban Arcana) my character was a former CIA operative turned technomage.  One session we had to carefully and quietly disable someone's personal vehicle with very few resources.  My idea was to take our pocket torch and cut one of the vehicle's tie rods.  Now, I know from personal experience that a broken tie rod means where you want a vehicle to go and where the vehicle actually goes are two totally different things.  My position was, a) a pocket torch should be able to cut one, since on light vehicles they're really just finger-sized metal struts, and b) a CIA operative would be quite aware of many ways to sabotage a vehicle.  The GM was quite reasonable and allowed it.
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