March 1st, 2013

Crowdsourced RPG campaign II: Ideas and Questions

Part II of the previous discussion at  Here's a fairly concise breakdown of the previous conversations:


a) magic was real once, long, long ago. Then it faded.
b) technology took its place filling human(oid) needs since then. Now, everything is techy- modern day, Real World techy
c) technology destroys the world. Magic returns.
d) PCs are supernatural Heroes of Olde who slept when magic died, waiting a time when they were needed again. The end of civilization would be that time.


1) Post-apocalyptic setting

  • people are descendants of survivors, so their knowledge of technology is spotty.

  • PCs with pre-technology skills (tanning, blacksmithing, etc) very useful, but there will be huge holes in their knowledge (history,
    culture, science, etc)

  • Magic faded because last-ditch effort to contain a great evil. Magic returning is tied with that great evil's return (a prison shot into
    space that boomeranged back was suggested)

  • some tech still functioning; may have created odd cults or areas of specialization

  • language barrier could lead to more 'culture shock'

Magic Nation vs Tech Nation

  • tech doesn't work in one nation; magic doesn't work in the other

  • something disrupts the balance of power; PCs must restore it somehow

Alternate Real World #1: elves vs orcs

  • Goblinoids have the tecgnological advantage; demi-humans have the magic.

  • Goblinoids come to explore / conquer / exploit the demi-human lands 'New World'

Alternate real World #2: Real World, but with Magic

  • not preferred, it seems

    What scenario do you prefer, and why?  Are there any problems or complications with that scenario? Any unanswered questions?