January 30th, 2013

  • tashiro

Anima Character Creator on IndieGoGo

I'm teaming up with a friend to create a detailed character editor for Anima: Beyond Fantasy.
This editor will allow you to quickly create creatures and characters, store campaign notes, level and update the characters, and save them.  It will give page and book references for you, and allow you to choose which books and optional rules you'll be using.  It won't have a copy of the rules itself - you'll still need the books to play, and it won't have descriptions of things (like, you can select an advantage, and it will say the book and page number, but it won't give a description of the advantage).  We're also planning on making it update when new books are out, as soon as we put the information in.
The program is going to be free, open-source.  We're just looking for funding to get the program to build it… and really, that's it.  We've got some perks, including putting in your characters to show off to others (with character art designed around your character), and getting your character their own theme music, designed by my friend.
So, please.  :)  We want to make one of the best indie character editors for Anima ever.  Give us a hand!  :)