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Wednesday, February 15th, 2012
9:50a - Is This Thing On?
Why have a whole bunch of posts dating back two months ago just appeared?

Is this a technical or a moderation problem?

Will this message disappear for two months?

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11:21a - Ain't it Dead Yet?
RPG Review 13 and 14, a double issue dedicated to D20 and Planescape has been released with the following content:

A Crafty Interview with Patrick Kapera and Alex Flagg, Hot Gossip: Industry News, D20 History and Product Review, Natasha Keshell: An AD&D Character, Effective Combat Tactics for Assassins, Stop The Madness! An Anti-D20 Rant, A Year With Fantasy Craft, The Shifted Soul: Pathfinder-Planescape, Planescape Spell Compendium, Planescape Charms, No Exit: An Existentialist D&D Scenario, The Illogics of D&D, D20 Horror on the Orient Express and Masks of Nyarlathotep, Recalculating Hit Points D&D 4e, PG Game Review: Virtual Villagers, Movie Review: Deathly Hallows, Movie Review: Contagion

Download from here: http://rpgreview.net/files/rpgreview_13.pdf

Join the announce mailing list here:

Issue 15 of RPG Review will be dedicated to independent games and system concerns, with an interview with Liz Danforth!

Submissions welcome as always; reviews, scenarios, characters, rants and more :)

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