February 7th, 2012


(no subject)

Hello, folks. I grew up with my beloved Final Fantasy cartridges, played D&D 1st and 2nd editions as a teenager, and - having moved across the country and wanting to make more geek friends - recently found some Pathfinder groups locally that I now play in. I've got a pretty good background in game mechanics in general, I feel, so mostly right now I'm the newbie of the group trying to remember which skills I have and how they work.

Mostly I'd like to introduce myself and vent a little bit. I want to find a way to get into a game that I really enjoy. Right now I play with guys who seem to know EVERYTHING in the books backwards and forwards, so as soon as the GM describes the decal on a shield someone chimes in "oh, it's a Whatever Shield with +2 To This". It seems everyone's played in the same regurgitated campaigns at least once and are only interested in level grinding or treasure hunting. I'm a pretty artsy person so I'm disappointed that the role-playing is really not happening. That's what I'd hope for from folks who opt for tabletop gaming instead of a console title. But we've had a few characters die and the player says "oh, good, he sucked anyway, let me make a new BETTER one", which promptly dies after that, ad nauseum.

I'm kind of at the point where I've started altering Pathfinder rules and writing background materials for my own entire campaign setting (based off several years of development of a comic book) but I'm really questioning myself a lot. I'm mentally ill so it's hard for me to get on with people - yeah, I'll admit it! I'm a girl so the Dude factor makes me feel left out at times. And while I feel confident in my creative abilities to run a sandbox campaign, I worry that I'll be too emotionally attached to it and potential players (even forewarned of the kind of gameplay I'm fostering) will molest the hell out of it and drag their feet through an actual storyline. Last week a friend of the group dropped by and made small talk with the GM - I would roll an attack and have to wait 2 minutes for them to stop talking so we could move forward with the battle. I was turned to stone basically for fun and the GM still giggles to the other players about it. I am not feeling optimistic about the local game scene anymore.

Please tell me I can do better than the games I'm in now. Sigh.