December 17th, 2011

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Gaming: respectable geek hobby, or haven for sex-obsessed teenagers?

(rant mode on, feel free to skip if discussion of gender issues in gaming is likely to annoy you)

So, t'other day I was in my friendly local gaming store, and happened across these figures (both NSFW) plus more in the same vein:

"Bug Hunter" wears heavily armoured pants that sit so low on her hips that her thong undies are showing. The only thing she's wearing above the waist is a T-shirt, pulled up to wipe her faceshow off her breasts.

X'Stacy is wearing some solid-looking bracers, and gaiters that should keep her ankles nice and warm, and a helmet (good to see!) and... not much else. She seems to have forgotten her pants and her "torso armour" doesn't cover the two most prominent parts of her torso.

The really sad thing is the tags. The numbers indicate how many figures on the site have the same tag:

female (82)
boobs (36)
topless (23)
breasts (26)
scantily (25)
clad (25)
nipples (7)
nipple (5)
sword (25)
chain (1)

Now, don't get me wrong, I have no problem with nudity. I'm quite capable of appreciating an occasional naked woman in art (although it helps if the artist has actually met a real live naked woman at some point in their life and is not relying solely on ancient myths) and I've painted one or two scantily-clad figures in my time. The women I game with have similar attitudes.

But when "boobs", "topless", and "breasts" show up more often than "sword", that says something creepy about the focus of the game. I keep hearing how gaming has become a respectable hobby for grown-ups and intelligent children, but from this sort of stuff it looks like the "hur hur boobies" factor is still strong.

Not sure if I was really driving at a particular point here, just felt the need to rant.
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